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Deterrence, however, means more than military deterrence, it also involves resilience against hybrid warfare and corruption at home. Here, there is much left to do. Deterrence is about both capabilities and intent. NATO has weak spots on both sides, but not enough to sum it up as a paper tiger; NATO deterrence, which is built on strategic nuclear capacity, still holds. Lately, there has been a brusque awakening, and Europe now finds itself in an increasingly dangerous situation.

The latest security challenges facing NATO

Follow the conversation— Sign up to receive email updates when comments are posted to this article. In our times there is wide access to sources of information analyzing in depth almost anything. SIPRI is one such source, where military expenditures are for all to see. The contributors to this article appear to base their assessments on erroneous premises.

NATO’s cohesion under pressure

The exception is Hodges including his assessment of Trump, although not even Trump can get Europeans to bear their fair share of the burden , but like Mattis, Clark, Powell, Petreas and more, they think differently. Almost all contributors appear to miss the rise on China and India, including the tensions between the two. Both are SCO members, cooperate on multiple directions with Russia, have large standing armies with non-INF compliant rocketry making INF moot , strategic nuclear triads, capacity to survive a nuclear war in the northern hemisphere, yet just China gets some superficial attention.

The contributors still see a war just in Europe, with Russians armored divisions racing to conquer a defenseless Europe until our children board planes and ships to come to their rescue while we borrow or print money to pay for it, including cuts in Medicare and Social Security , crossing a military Schengen Europe Braw. Meanwhile, the civil society Szabo in the US is not interested in the Flint waterworks, collapsing infrastructure, student debt but just want to make sure that the wealthy Europe feels secure and will not have to fight.

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The US Congress has the power to declare war, and the President commands the troops. Both should make it very clear to the European killing field that it is better to join a transatlantic community from Vancouver to Vladivostok than force humanity into a post nuclear abyss. A first step in the direction would be the US joining the EU, the kind of entity for the 22nd century. Without the use of tactical nuclear weapons NATO can't defend even the core of Europe, let alone the perimeter.

This has been true since the Cold War began and continues today. For the most part NATO nations do not even want tactical nuclear weapons stored within their nation states. The truth is by the end of June , five battalions of the atomic artillery had arrived in Europe and were becoming more established as essential components of any proposed defense in Western Europe. Assigned to the 42d Field Artillery Group at Baumholder and placed under US Seventh Army control, these battalions were the 59th, located at Pirmasens, the th at Bad Kreuznach, the th at Baumholder, the th at Kaiserslautern, and the th at Baumholder.

In its annual training guidance, the U. Army, Europe, directed the Seventh Army to employ them throughout division, corps, and army-level maneuvers. Yes we are talking here about nuclear artillery shells shot from howitzers at advancing Russian forces. Today with the elimination of the INF we may be talking about rocket assisted nuclear artillery shells being shot at advancing Russian forces along with ground based missiles on top of aircraft launched tactical nuclear field weapons and cruise missiles launched from NATO submarines.

As we once said in Vietnam in order to save a village we may have to destroy it completely, the same can be said of NATO defense of Europe from a full Russian assault. It's not a pretty picture really. I am 65 years old; fully expect to see WW3 in Europe before I die. Putin is committed to forcing the issue following methods of Germany prior to WW2, today looks more like than ever.

Russia after helping to place their asset in the White House the result, America is falling all over itself like a 3rd world nation. Russia will absorb Belarus soon; encircle Ukraine, give Putin a quick dash to Karliningrad, thereby cutting off the Baltics. Putin believes no one cares about the Baltic nations, certainty trump cares not about any of this.

NATO: US Strategic Dominance and Unequal Burden-Sharing Are Two Sides of the Same Coin

Only Chamberlain leaders in the West, no Churchill figure, nothing learned from Russia invaded Georgia, little action was taken, Russia continues to push its border into Georgia with no concerns. Russia is training for WW3, he is quickly moving towards action on this front and is waiting, for when the USA is distracted somewhere else.

Like impeachment of trump, or North Korean, China. I expect Putin to make is move before trump is removed… trump gives Russia so much cover so why not take the advantage trump so willing gives? Today it seems only Ukraine stands in the path to stop Putin! It is Ukraine who is fighting for the freedoms of Europe today. It is surprising to me that German companies sold lethal weapons and built advanced military training centers in Russia!!

Yet today Germany refuses to arm Ukraine to defend itself. Germany sticks with the Minsk Accords which Russia has taken no steps to honour and will never do so.

strategic and international studies

I see Germany as a major weak link in the West… Perhaps Germans have missed the Russian boot and want to return to subjugation. The complete lack of concern by Western nations to what is occurring in the Azov Sea in Ukraine is frightening and sad. Putin is laughing at the current sanctions and the West seems unwilling to do anything.

Commitment is what makes an army succeed in war. In the case of Crimea, regime change and a threat that NATO would enter Ukraine and replace Russia in the port of Sebastopol was the reason Russia made the first defensive move. NATO is a peacetime army of collective national forces ranging from fighting men to pacifists. If Confronted with a serious war the European forces would disintegrate.

I wonder how you feel about Austria and Czechoslovakia? Hitler even signed a document with Chamberlain, who was proud to bring home a peace treaty things did not work out well. Putin will invade until he is stopped, no different than Hitler. Carnegie Europe. Sign up for Carnegie Email.

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Screen Name. Email Address. Sort by: Date Posted Recommended. Alexis de Pleshcoy. A first step in the direction would be the US joining the EU, the kind of entity for the 22nd century Report Recommend. Reply to this post. US Army retired. Report Recommend. Putin is laughing at the current sanctions and the West seems unwilling to do anything Report Recommend.

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