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Not in Ireland? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. Betrayed and taken hostage, Katrina has been missing for six months now. Time in which Riana has been scouring the world for her. The first key is in Xavier's hands and the world is in danger if the rest of the keys can't be found. With the singing sensation, Resonance, leaving clues for her, the path Riana treads leads her and a small group of new friends straight to a dragon's doorstep, and into the real secrets unlocked by the five keys.

But can she solve the riddle in time? Soldier of the Legion. Marshall S.

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Alison Hyland. The Supernaturals. Gene Gant. Home to some of the most amazing science fiction and fantasy novels available in any format. Kalijor is a virtual fantasy setting within a corporate-run future where the earth is a barren, nuclear wasteland and humanity now lives spread out amongst the planets, and even a few neighboring stars.

Within the virtual reality world of Kalijor, people can interact with one another in real-time even over vast, interstellar distances. In a digital world where electrons are king, information and currency exchanged in Kalijor actually moves from person to person in the real world. Kalijor is used as a place for business meetings, clandestine deals, and corporate subterfuge.