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The latest distinction accorded him is an- other that Greater Miami applauds him for meriting.

What's the Mishnah, and what does "Mishnah" mean anyway? ✡ Introduction to the Mishnah 1/4

Harold But another example : the really vi r mean i ; ol his endi r. Car- den, about 38 years of age, and at last report in the roof-building business. In the January issue, an open letter signed by Carden to Sen. Holland, and Rep.

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Fascell declares: "They new- paperM scream daily of the Adolph Eighman Sid trial, and how he supposedly helped exterminate 6, As a Christian and supposedly Christian nation, I want to know if you plan to propose any legislation that will reduce appropriations to departments and bureaus within the framework of our government which are obviously infiltrated and directed by anti- Christians dedicated to establishing the godless sic UN as a one- world super-government?

If these people are not stopped soon, I think you will see a Christian uprising in this nation that will make the Civil War seem like a Boy Scout picnic. Interspersed among "news" items are such "fillers" as: "Those who will not tolerate Christmas in OUR schools should net profit by Christmas in THEIR stores" and "The money changers had better wake up because the money spenders are beginning to. Hebrew Univ. Leaders Hear Balfour Dr. Georqe S. Loid Balfour gave the principal cd- : Sunday night's dinnei honoring Samuel Rothbei ,.. University of Jerusalem.

Ken- nedy wired the national conference of the American Friends0oJ.

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The nation's chief executive told Sunday night's dinner honoring Samuel Ro. His distinguished ser- vices to the development of Is- rael in general and to the He- brew University in particular are known and appreciated by us all- Please convey to him my best personal wishes on this well de- served honor.

Israel's Foreign Minister. Golda Heir, and Finance Minister. L sages to Rothberg. Other mes- sages came from Dr.

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Giulio Racah. Stone, of Brock- Mass. George S.

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  5. Wise, of Mexico City, chairman of the board of gov-! In accepting it. He presented parchment repro- ductions cf the historic document to members of the audience, who are members of the Society of Founders of the New Campus of the Hebrew University. Greetings were extended by Daniel G.

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    Irv- ing Lehrman. The Farl of BallV. Unless I mis'. Block will. School on Tuesdaj evem. A representative of thi. McKinney is a known anti- Semite. One can go on and on, analyz- ing the obvious editorial sib stance of "The Citizen Speaks. Pul Carden says that Dr. Harold is a subscriber To what, then.

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    Post Script: Dr. Ellis Rubin, atto n The corporation's.. Official Denies Interview to the American quality of greatness! Continued from Pace 1-A. We deem it therefore encumbent upon s to warn Jewish and free world opinion not to fall prey to these -nothing voices lest it will be too late to save Soviet Jewry from the spiritual genocide to which it is doomed by Communist policy. Meyers Harby Early American naval hero- Harby's rise to rank of Captain at the age of 25 forecast a distinguished career.

    He fought in the War of Being a son of South Carolina, he t on the Confederate side. Doily Sm. H fWOr Y. Cantor has. Ben- Gurion..! In the Guardian and Spon- sor division, the standard.

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    Douglas, of the U. S Supreme Court: Orville Freeman. Standing at a map of the Negev, Israel's southern desert, whose develop- ment is a central purpose of the campaign to sell S66,, in Israel Bonds during , are left to right Samuel Roth- berg, of Peoria, Joseph J. Schwartz, of New York, vice pres- ident; and Louis H. Boyar, of Los Angeles, national chairman of the inaugural i i and ol the Eddie Canti r b I i celebi ation. BenGurien's emphosis on the role of Israel Bonds in pro- vicing hou'ir.

    go here In his tribute to Cantor, the Finance Minister dj- clared: "It is more than fitting that the national inaugural con- ference for the Israel Bord campaign will be climaxed with a celebration honoring you. Outstanding personalities from the entertainment world will take I part in the Cantor birthday pro- gram Saturday evening. These in- clude Jack Benny.

    Carroll Baker. Roberta Peters. Edward G. Rob- inson. Dick Shawn. Jan Sterling. I Ed Sullivan and Sophie Tucker. Guest speakers will he Eric A. Is- rael's permanent representative to the United Nations. Oth rs ill A li r a h a m Fe'nberg. Boyar expressed the view that the goal o SI5,, in Israel Bond sales adopted for the cele- bration as a birthday "gift" to Cantor would b? In addition to sales to those who attend th? Sate Driving Awards representing a, tal ol years of accident-free! Hunton, general sales man-j the Holsum Bakers, and] lack Thaler, resident representa- tive, engineering and loss control, the Travelers Insurance Company, who furnished the awards Boyar announced that 23 gov- ernors and 51 United States Sena- tors have.

    Herbert H. Lehman, former U. Senator and Governor of New York, is chairman of the sponsor- ing committee. National Women's Division ol th. Israel Bond Organization nn Kri- day. The luncheon will mark thf international premiere of the Dior. Honored guests at the lunch! Jn Jewish tradHion, nothing has been so endowed with. Closed Saturdays Tel. Deluxe rooms and studio apart- ments, private pool, free rec- reation and entertainment, close to all points of interest.

    Dancing nightly. Restaurant on premises.