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The manner of prayer of the holy saints is both inspiring and instructive, and a model for their followers. We shall survey some examples of their manner of prayer:. Relieve us from grief, anguish and pain. In the words of Hafiz, Whenever the time of prayer arrived, it seemed as if the Messenger of Allah S knew no one for he would enter a strange spiritual state.

Rather, with every act of worship, they find more pleasure being in the Presence of God.

At the time of prayer, the upright servants and divine saints used to establish prayer with much fervor, apply perfume, wear the best of clothes, welcome the prayer and experience fear and dread lest they do not earn the favor of God, or they do not have the necessary amount of humility and attention in prayer. Observance of some rules related to prayer such as brushing the teeth misw a k , cleanliness, attention to God, etc. Imam al-Baqir as has said:. This shows the universality of the devotional laws of Islam that alongside connection with the Lord, economic and social issues as well as tackling with the poor, and enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil are also raised and no issue can prevent paying attention to other issues.

One may compare the spiritual flight and mystical ascension of the one praying with the flight of an airplane in the sky:. In worship and prayer, the main difficulty is to overcome carnal desire and commence the act of worship.

The importance of both flights lies in a safe and risk-free landing. For its energy, the airplane is in need of pure and special fuel. The spiritual ascension of the one praying also necessitates pure attention and negation of all other servitudes. By raising his hands up to the bottom of his ears he negates and refuses everything other than God, and thus attains the purity of intention. The pilot must be physically and mentally sound for the flight.

The aircraft flies by means of two wings.

Prayer Secrets: 4 Keys To Results

In order to fly, the airplane covers a long distance on the ground to acquire the ability to take off. The preliminaries of prayer, the adh a n , iq a mah , and recommended invocations dhikr are also the groundwork of this spiritual flight.

The supplications after the ritual prayer and subsequent invocations also constitute the movement on the ground after landing. In flying, the first mistake is also the last mistake and is accompanied by crashing and annihilation. By committing a single mistake, Iblis who had a record of six thousand years of worship was cast out and accursed till eternity! Every pilot makes a move on the order of the control tower. Prayer and worship are also according to the order, and even a single minute before or after the appointed period or against the law will render them invalid.

The pilot rests between flights, while the aircraft goes through its routine maintenance.

Prior to flying, directions based on the weather forecast, map-reading, determination of direction, etc. In worship, preliminary pieces of information are also necessary, and worship without knowledge and jurisprudence is worthless. Even in trade, familiarity with the laws of God is also needed, let alone in prayer and worship.

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The higher the pilot, ascends the more the ground seems to become small for him. The more a holy man is acquainted with the greatness of God, anything other than God becomes more trivial in his sight. In the words of the Commander of the Faithful as :. The bigger the airplane, the smoother the flight and the more comfortable the passengers will be. In prayer and worship also, that which is done in congregation the large gathering of people in the congregation and H ajj has more reward and the possibility of its being accepted is greater.

Usually, there is a co-pilot accompanying the pilot for emergencies. In the congregational prayer also, there are just and pious individuals standing in the first row so that in case a problem affecting the ability of the Imam to continue leading the prayer arises, one of them can assume leadership of the prayer up to the end.

In physical flight, when the pilot and passengers are in the sky, they are away from and uninformed of their domestic problems and concerns. Donate Now. Global Giving. Tribute Giving. Planned Giving. My Father's House - Mexico. Children's Testimonies. About the School. Available Courses. Bible School FAQs.

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Your Life E-Magazine. Weekly Devotional. About Pastor Benny. What We Believe. Ministry Websites. Contact Us. Media Weekly Guide. YOU can impact souls today. Benny Hinn Ministries. Ministry Sites Giving Shop. Media Events Prayer Partnership. Description Reviews 0 FAQs Description Pastor Benny Hinn presents scriptural examples of several biblical fasts and challenges for you to step into a new dimension of power through prayer and fasting.

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When you purchase this product, you are ordering a digital product only. When do I receive my digital download link? Your download link can be found in your order confirmation email. Prepare your body. Eat smaller meals before starting a fast. Avoid high-fat and sugary foods. Eat raw fruit and vegetables for two days before starting a fast. While You Fast Your time of fasting and prayer has come. You are abstaining from all solid foods and have begun to seek the Lord.

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Here are some helpful suggestions to consider: Avoid drugs, even natural herbal drugs and homeopathic remedies. Limit your activity.

Exercise only moderately. Walk one to three miles each day if convenient and comfortable.