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      And only Jesus can do that. In this devotional, you'll be encouraged to join a couple of friends to talk about the realities of marriage, fatherhood, work, and how the Gospel affects it all. You can leave your kid's shoes on. Wear flip flops or slides, skip the shoes with laces or heels. Don't try and figure this out while standing in line at security at 5am.

      It's less stressful than a car rental place, plus you get the exact car you order instead of "or similar. Remember you can't just uber around with a giant car seat. Turo's are typically waiting for you at an airport parking lot, just walk in and pick up the keys.

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      Can you carry all of it plus the drunk midget? This isn't something you want to figure out while trying to catch a shuttle like we did. And the answer was, we couldn't. Use a night time diaper and change your kid right before you board. Also some airlines let parents of young kids board early.

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      Do not take advantage of that, your kid needs run time, not sitting time. Run em until you have to board. Anyway thats what we learned. Until next time. Gotta get something off my chest. Recently it was brought to my attention by a casual observer that I may not be pulling my weight when it comes to Daddy-ing.

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      This is a constant allegation against Dads. Casual observers rarely provide a fresh take, and men not pulling their weight at home is a gender stereotype as old as time. Those are your options, and there is no middle ground. Healthy relationships like the one I have , do this kind of thing all the time. Sometimes my wife is having a shitty day. In that event I straight up give her a pass, and take extra on.