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Mon 23 Sep Ingang koepelzaal gesloten Description: Xx, p. Bibliography: Includes bibliographical references and index.

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Summary: Violence and abuse occur regularly and sometimes routinely within families of all different kinds. This is a timely review of academic and professional literature on the family, in particular with reference to gender, soical inequality and ethnicity.

Issues of marital rape, female mutilation and children who murder are tackled, and scrutinized alongside social policy and legislation. Dewey: London: Routledge , APA: Itzin, C. Home truths about child sexual abuse : a reader.

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London: Routledge. What happened in swimming in Ireland must never happen again — everyone must know the truth and protect children in sport. I know what it is like to be in a very dark, sad, lonely, frightening place, too scared to tell anyone. My message to you is — please speak , use your voice, tell someone, start your path to freedom, get help. You can be too.

Ralf Zitzmann experienced sexual violence in his younger days. His football coach was the perpetrator.

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Ralf describes feelings of helplessness. He is able to talk 30 years later about his experiences.

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Ralf Zitzmann feels it is important to speak out in an attempt to prevent future sexual abuse. Legal Information.

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Website designed and developed by Fuzzy Duck. Overview Voices for truth and dignity — combatting sexual violence in European Sport through the voices of those affected.

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According to the survey, when asked what constitutes sexual abuse as per the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, , many failed to answer correctly. The majority of them did not know that even staring is a kind of abuse.

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Only 37 per cent of male respondents supported educating children on sexual abuse - a typical apprehension being that too much information would expose children to too much detail about sex and sexuality. Among women, that figure was 49 per cent. Over one-third - 35 per cent - of the female respondents said they had experienced sexual abuse when they were below 18 years of age. Among males that figure was 25 per cent.

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