Manual Brush Country Woman (Centennial Series of the Association of Former Students, Texas A & M, No 26)

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Two centuries later the Great River, dammed in an international effort by the U. When architect W. Eugene George came to the area in the s, he found a way of life waiting to be preserved in words, photographs, and drawings.

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Two subsequent recessions of the reservoir—in — 86 and again in —98—gave George new access to one of the settlements, Guerrero Viejo in Mexico. Unfortunately, the receding lake waters also made the village accessible to looters. This handsome, extended photographic essay casts new light on the architecture and lives of the people of the Texas-Mexico borderlands.

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  • Brush Country Woman Centennial Series Of The Association Of Former Students Texas A M No 26 1988.

As Sharon A. Though she initially ran for office on a shoestring budget, Senator Van de Putte has successfully authored and sponsored legislation that has reformed the state welfare system, revamped the Juvenile Code, and provided a healthcare safety net for children in Texas. Multiple civic and community groups have. With Van de Putte as her central case study, Navarro assesses the possibilities for other Latina and all female legislators. Texas Politics. Ethnic Studies.

Many of us have multiple identities, says Edwina Barvosa. Various domains have offered nuggets of insight regarding the characteristics and political implications of seeing the self as made up of multiple identities, but many questions remain. In Wealth of Selves, Edwina Barvosa constructs an ambitious interdisciplinary blend of these insights and crafts them into an overarching theoretical framework for understanding multiple identities in terms of intersectionality, identity contradiction, and the political potential that lies within the practices of self-integration.

With its accessible style and rich cross-pollination among disciplines, Wealth of Selves will reward readers in political science, philosophy, race, ethnic, and American studies, as well as in borderlands, sexuality, and gender studies. Her Ph. Multicultural Topics. Laredo is a city at the crossroads of North American history. Founded by the Spanish in , it has stood at the intersection of regional commerce since its earliest days. Now, John A. Adams, Jr. He traces the evolution of the region from its early days as a ranching center into the mid-twentieth century, when Laredo had become what it remains today: a booming port of trade and a principal center of commerce and financial services on the southern border of the United States.

He now resides in Florida. He earned a Ph.

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Business History. He roped in Texas rodeos large and small from the mids to At the time, few if any other Mexican Americans competed in rodeo, and Salinas drew a lot of attention. Author Ricardo D. The story of Juan Salinas is also the story of the people of Mexican origin who live on the ranches of the South Texas brush country.

Strong, rugged, independent, and hard-working, their social and economic success has all too seldom been chronicled. This is his first book. His narrative, buttressed throughout by tables and statistics, paints a vivid mural of both the economic forces and the farsighted and ambitious individuals that combined to bring prosperity to this unique American city. Readers will find a wealth of insights into regional economics, history, and borderlands themes.

Of the delegates to the Texas convention on secession in , only 8 voted against the motion to secede. James Webb Throckmorton of McKinney was one of them. Yet upon the outbreak of the Civil War, he joined the Confederate Army and fought in a number of campaigns. Still, his refusal to support the Fourteenth Amendment or to protect aggressively the rights and physical welfare of the freed slaves led to clashes with military officials and his removal from office in Because his life spans one of the most turbulent periods in Texas politics, Texas Confederate, Reconstruction Governor, the first book on Throckmorton in nearly seventy years, will provide new insights for anyone interested in the Antebellum era, the Civil War, and the troubled years of Reconstruction.

Walter P.

Brush Country Woman (Centennial Series of the Association of Former Students, Texas A & M, No 26)

Lane emigrated from Ireland as a young boy, fought in three wars, sailed the Texas coast with a privateer, and traveled to California and Arizona in search of gold. What drove this man, who in many ways typifies the adventurers who contributed to the westward expansion in the United States during the early nineteenth century? Through his mining of personal papers, memoirs, contemporary sources, and archived collections, Jimmy L.

Bryan Jr. Bryan shows how the adventurism of Lane and his comrades provided both ethos and impetus for the westward migration. More Zeal than Discretion will appeal to historians and readers interested in Texas and the West, the Civil War, and the culture of American manhood. He is an assistant professor of history at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. Western History. Political protest evolved in the wake of the devastating losses experienced by the poor rural majority, and Wilkison carefully explores the interplay of religion and politics as Greenbackers, Populists, and Socialists vied for the support of the dispossessed tenant farmers and sharecroppers.

With its richly drawn contextualization and analysis of the causes and effects of the epochal shifts in plain-folk society, Kyle G. As the nineteenth century ended in Hunt County, Texas, a way of life was dying. A social network based on family, religion, and community was falling prey to crippling debt and resulting loss of land ownership. Kyle G. Wilkison analyzes in Plano, Texas. His Ph. American history, as well as those interested in the trials and progress of African Americans in the American South and Southwest.

Founded in , the East Texas Historical Journal began accepting articles on African American history at a time when most scholarly journals considered the topic out of the mainstream, at best. Since that beginning, the journal has published some forty articles in the field.

Now, Bruce A. Glasrud and Archie P. McDonald have gathered a collection of some of the best articles on black history from the East Texas Historical Journal; their samplings span the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and cover the principal themes and topics of African American history in the eastern portion of the Lone Star State. Blacks in East Texas History will enlighten and inform students and scholars of regional and African.

Joseph V. Hughes Jr. Current Events. International Relations. The highly controversial decision to go to war in Iraq in has had repercussions of historic dimensions throughout the world. Critics have questioned the way intelligence was gathered and presented and have challenged the decision-making processes that led both the United States and the United Kingdom to war. Drawing on the unusually extensive official documentation from both sides of the Atlantic, as well as insider accounts of CIA deliberations, the contributors to this volume offer insightful analyses of the national security decision-making process, the foreign policy roles of the President and Prime Minister, the roles of Congress and Parliament, the management and limits of intelligence, the shaping of public opinion, and the ethics of humanitarian military intervention.

The book also discusses the dilemmas faced by Australia and their implications for Australian intelligence.


Key speeches and documents related to going to war offer students of foreign and national security policy the opportunity to gain a nuanced understanding of both the process and the justification of going to war. Just as the Cuban Missile Crisis has been used for decades as a case study in good decision making, the decision to go to war in Iraq will be analyzed for years to come for lessons about what can go wrong in decisions about war.

Presidential Studies. Courtesy the George Bush Presidential Library. An outstanding book. Most of the work that has been done on the end of the Cold War tends to focus on Ronald Reagan or on other events. Additionally, most of the research on the first Bush presidency tends to be general assessments or studies of the Persian Gulf War. Out of the Shadow incorporates a variety of important, previously unused sources. Its focused treatment of the topic will appeal to scholars interested in both the first Bush presidency and the Cold War. And she has done it the proper way.

This is the book on the subject.