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Although his academic moorings show in an overabundant use of parentheses, brackets, etc. He is keenly aware of the degree to which the Negro's sense of alienation from white society and his hostility toward it have conditioned the growth of a private vocabulary. He does not shrink from the frankly sexual connotation of much jazz argot.

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When he infrequently blunders, it is in technical terminology and contemporary usage. By Robert S. New York: Alfred A.

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Physically classical music is as demanding if not in some ways more so I'm not sure it's as emotionally draining though. For me I love the playing so much I can kind of forgive it I gotta admit I've been known to growl like a bear sometimes When Keith is singing along, it's like he was making love to the piano. Kinda disturbing, isn't it? Yeah, Chris!

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John Lewis's voice can be heard on jazz's most famous blues recording: Parker's Mood. Sounds strange somehow, and they should've edited it in my opinion Was only kiddin', folks!